Experts Say Smart City, a Chance to Live In Country’s Finest Neighborhoods

We all dream of living in places which are explicitly gorgeous and are intact with each and every modern facility. Unfortunately in India, there is no such city that can be suitably called as ‘complete’ or ‘smart’. Even though India has significantly advanced over the years and the citizens are practically technologically driven but to bridge the developmental gap between India and the developed countries, is a pending course.

The good news is that the wait is over and now India will also have its very own smart cities with the first one being built in the national capital. Delhi NCR region will be transformed into a fully fledged Smart City very soon as the Master Plan 2021 nears its commencement.

The most notable advancement will take place in the L-Zone of the plan with prominent developers delivering their residential properties in Dwarka, the largest zone covering 22,000 hectares of land. The colossal area is undergoing planning process which has involved participation from experts across the country to develop a world class infrastructure.

Residential projects in Dwarka, Delhi enjoys several benefits because of its unique position. It nears the both domestic and international airports, several reputed educational institutions and medical organizations. The rates of housing property in Dwarka under the Master Plan are extremely favor buyer’s position. They have been priced for buyer’s advantage so that people from different income groups can afford smart homes in Dwarka.

Residential property in Dwarka will be equipped with golf course, sports stadiums, football grounds, swimming pools, recreation centers and many more facilities that will make citizen’s life a fruitful one. The Smart City project will result in a complete makeover of the national capital and the citizens will enormously benefits from it with an upgraded and competent lifestyle pattern.

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